Ahi Kuri and Kaiah, Dogs That Need A Home

Ahi Kuri  — Red Doberman Pincher  5-6 years old  90-95 pounds

                Ahi was a rescue dog.  He is a pure bred Doberman without papers.  He is docked and cropped. We found him staked out in the middle of a large field full of weeds with no water and no shade in the middle of the Kentucky summer.  He was seriously under weight and sunburned also very dehydrated but he turned around with amazing speed once given a good home, nutritious food and a caring environment.  You wouldn’t know it today but he had an issue with submissive peeing as a puppy.  He currently lives in the home with his buddy Kiaha the boxer and 2 cats.  He likes the cats and has gotten along with them well to date.  He is well house trained and crate trained.  He does not spend the night free in the home but rather in his crate.  He is also crated when we are not home.  Occasionally he may jump up or put paws on a person.  We discourage this behavior but seeing that he spent the first year of his life on a 8 foot chain he learned early on that up was the only direction he could go.  Personality-wise he is a energetic, friendly, outgoing bundle of fun.  He loves to play.  Not through ill intention but sheer size and exuberance he may be a bit too much around small children when wound up.  For these reasons we think that he should not be left unattended with small children.  I don’t think he would hurt them intentionally but he may run them over if they happen to be in the way when he is chasing a toy.  Ahi loves everyone.  You are never out of the reach of his tongue.  You may think you are but you are not. 


Kaiah  —  Boxer Red/White 5-6 years old   50-55 pounds

                Kaiah was found abandoned by a friend of ours and through a twist of fate ended up in our home.  She was abused as a puppy and used in a puppy mill breeding operation.  She bears some scares from her previous life.  She is neither docked nor cropped.  Personality-wise she is a caring dog made purely of Velcro.  If you are around she will be stuck to your side no matter how much you try to run away.  We have taught her that she does not fit in our laps.  While she has tolerated this lesson I don’t think she has accepted it as a truth to date.  Kaiah will be your shadow companion.  She is house and crate trained.  She is afraid of loud noises (angry yelling, fireworks thunderstorms)  also she will cower if a large person towers over her.  She displays anxiety around other dogs if she does not know them, but she is best friends with Ahi.  I do not think she should be in a home with other dogs unless the owners are aware of how to introduce the dogs  slowly and safely.  She is usually found napping with or licking one of the cats while they lick her.  She is safe with small children.

These dogs are our children and have been treated as such in our home.  Basic obedience and leash training have been conducted.  They know their commands even if they choose not to obey them.  Ahi will be willful when leashed unless a pinch collar is used.  You will not actually need to use the pinch collar just put it on him and his best behavior comes quickly to the surface.  Both dog are used to a fenced in back yard.  They love to sun in the nice weather and get that running in outdoors before coming back into the house to chill.  Both dogs enjoy car rides and shopping at stores like rural king were they are welcome. 

Before we got the dogs my wife was  tested for allergies as she has many of them.  We were told that dogs and cats were fine.  Recently as she has been having more and more issues we discovered that she has developed some rather strong allergies to the dogs.  Her health and asthma have been affected and we have little choice but to choose her health over the dogs. 

All shots, heart worm and flea treatments are up to date and maintained regularly.  Both dogs are fixed.  Vet records are maintained and available with Dr. Childs in Madisonville KY at Tender Care Veterinary Clinic 270-824-1002.


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