Self Serve Pet Wash


Lucky Dogs Self Serve Pet Wash

Lucky Dogs is proud to offer the only private 4 room Self Serve Pet Wash servicing the luckiest dogs in the entire Tri-State area. There is not another one around for 100 miles or so. Have you ever tried to wash your pet at home in your own bath tub? Tired of the aching back and knees? Tired of cleaning up the mess after?

What Is A Self Serve Pet Wash?

546608_148788445268737_1777540257_nOur self serve pet wash stations are ergonomically elevated wash tubs that reduce the stress on lower back and knees. Each tub is 58″ x 28″ and features an easy access ramp which can be converted into a small pet booster platform. Each tub is enclosed in a private 10′ x 9′ room ensuring you have the privacy and space needed to care for your pet. Each self serve pet wash room will contain;

  • Professional elevated wash tub with ramp
  • A selection of Natural shampoos, conditioners, and spritzers
  • Temperature controlled water
  • Waterproof aprons
  • Drying Towels
  • High velocity pet safe air dryer
  • Ear cleaning wipes
  • Assortment of grooming brushes to use
  • Assortment of hair bows or bandanas 🙂

Why Use a Self Serve Pet Wash?

Washing your pet yourself can be a very fun and rewarding experience. It can be a family experience that teaches your children compassion and how to care for your pet. Washing your pet yourself also eliminates any separation anxiety you or your pet may feel when you drop your pet off with a groomer all day. Self serve pet washing is a complimentary service to professional grooming for many people. Benefits include;

  • No appointment necessary. Wash when it is convenient for you
  • Economical. Self washing is less expensive than professional grooming
  • No mess at home. Leave the mess for us to clean up
  • Ergonomic. No lower back or knee strain from trying to do it at home
  • Bonding experience for you and your pet
  • Family fun activity
  • Keeps your pet clean between professional grooming’s

How Much Will It Cost?

We provide a clean, professional, well stocked pet wash including highest quality shampoos. We provide towels, aprons, and professional dryers. We even provide complimentary bows or bandanas for your pet along with a free treat after their wash 🙂

Cost Per Pet – $12.95 – $18.95

Lucky #13Buy 12 washes at regular price, get your 13th wash free of charge.

Professional Pet Grooming

Do you need to have your pet professionally groomed? Lucky Dogs now offers professional pet grooming.