How We Became Lucky Dogs

Lucinda, Remington, and Boomer

We Were Rescued

After Christmas 2010, we decided to pull the trigger and get the lab puppy we had been talking about. We started looking at breeders online and through a series of searches, we came across Kentucky Lab Rescue in Winchester KY. They had some puppies there, but they had some second hand, slightly used, previously loved adult dogs there too. We met with about 8 to 10 dogs and that is when we met Remington.

Remington is a beautiful Lab mix but we have been told he is a Fox Red Labrador and I do not know for sure. All I can say with certainty is that he is a lover. We met with other dogs, but I could not get my mind off those piercing eyes of that dog I had just met.

When we met Remington, he had been given up by his previous owner due to being heart worm positive. Remington had undergone his first round of debilitating heart worm shots and was in recovery mode. We took him in and finished the treatment here in Madisonville. I am proud to say Remington is very healthy and happy.

We also adopted Boomer, a large male Black Lab. We went for a puppy and wound up rescuing 2 adult dogs, or did they rescue us? When we told our friends about rescuing the dogs, they would remark “They sure are some Lucky Dogs”.  I think Lucinda and I are the lucky ones.

Fast forward 12 months and Boomer started putting on weight. He put on 12 pounds in 1 month. We tried to get the weight off him by taking regular walks but he has a bad hock joint and can’t walk too far without limping the rest of the day. We started feeding him Hills Science Diet but he kept putting on weight and even started accelerating in weight gain. We started aggressively researching weight gain and appropriate/natural diets for a Labrador when we learned about all the bad stuff in most commercially available dry kibble for dogs. Most of the foods had a primary ingredient of corn, soy, or wheat and all kinds of  ingredients that are not safe for our pets. Some of the things we read about rendering plants would curl your hair.

We researched the best pet foods, read several books, and decided to feed our pets only grain free, natural ingredients. Since making the change in diet, Boomer has slimmed back down, has a higher energy level, and seems to suffer less from his arthritic condition. Both of our pets have healthier coats, have put on more lean muscle, have clearer eyes, and generally look healthier and happier than they ever have.

It’s that unconditional love between a pet and an owner that drives us to make good decisions concerning nutrition and health for our pets. If we feed them properly, we not only enhance their lives, but they enhance our lives as well by offering additional years of love and companionship.

We hope that you will discover how much healthier and happier you and your pet can be through proper pet nutrition and we hope that Lucky Dogs is a part of that.

Make Every Dog A Lucky Dog

Thanks for reading our story

Jeff & Lucinda Phillips
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